Colin Self, Elation IV, performance, 2013. Photo: Debra Evans

Check Your Vernacular (Excerpt: Colin Self)

Bradford Nordeen

Colin Self recently performed on the same bill as Dynasty Handbag, who poked loving fun at the artist.…

Image courtesy the artist

Join the Sassy Girls club

Jibz Cameron

When I was a youth, say, about 8, I played a game in the woods with my friend Ocean where we pretended…

John Waters, Multiple Maniacs, 16mm, 90min. 1970

Multiple Maniacs

Bradford Nordeen

It’s got to be my favorite. I remember that particular cinematic awakening, after years …

Rosa von Praunheim, Transexual Menace, video, 75min., 1996

Tranny Rage: The Politics of Mythologizing Transness

Nicki Green

“If you wanna talk tranny rage, honey, I got a lot of tranny rage. It pisses me off sometimes,